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Whether you want some inches off from the bottom, garment alterations, or stitching around the corners, we’ll provide all of it.

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Wear Authentic, Feel Amazing, Be Unique

At ByNext, we offer a range of alteration and tailoring services, including alteration of wedding dresses, couture dresses, repairing services, etc.

We operate to provide the best because, at ByNext, success can only be achieved through confidence. Ensuring you wear the best is our top priority.

Our tailors efficiently handle all tasks without complications. No matter how hard or easy the task is, the determination and tailoring skills provide magic for clothing alterations services.

Whatever your query is, our elite panel of customer support is available for you 24/7, whether it’s about garment alterations or apparel alterations.

How ByNext works?


1. Schedule Pickup

Once you've downloaded the ByNext mobile app, log in, choose the tailoring and alteration services, and schedule a pickup at a time that suits your schedule.


2. Expert Care

At ByNext, our team of industry experts goes the extra mile, ensuring each garment is treated with the care and precision it deserves during the alteration and tailoring process.


3. Swift Delivery

By choosing ByNext's alteration and tailoring service, you benefit from the convenience of our expert alterations. We commit to delivering your clothes nicely fitted and altered within 24 to 36 hours.

What is included in alteration and tailoring services by ByNext?

  • Repairing holes in shirts
  • High-quality beading repairs for outfit
  • Replacing buttons in suit
  • Dealing with all the rough patches in Jeans
  • Replacing zippers of jackets
  • Lining repairs, if required

Maximise your savings with every clean !

  • Weekly 10%
  • Fortnightly 7.5%
  • Monthly 5%

Supreme Tailoring Mastery

Each dress is perfectly tailored for you

Our premium quality services and tailored alterations make ByNext your go-to destination not just for today but for the future as well, thanks to the exceptional results you'll experience.

Here at ByNext, you'll witness the true art of craftsmanship in wedding dress hemming services, offering a completely new and easy experience to achieve your desired result.

  • dots Get first-hand advice from experts.
  • dots Ensure a range of alterations, repairs, and tailoring measurements.
  • dots Enjoy hassle-free booking procedure and delivery.
  • dots Experienced tailors for tailoring and alterations.
  • dots Convenience is right at your fingertips.

Reliable Restoration Services

Add a new life to your preloved clothes

ByNext is known for its premium quality services. By having us on your side and by getting our expert repair services, your outfits at ByNext will be revitalized and restored to their original condition.

In order to provide the finest, our team of knowledgeable professionals knows how to take advantage of contemporary methods, coupled with affordable costs and space for personalized adjustments made to please our clients.

  • dots Prompt assistance for emergency restoration.
  • dots Highly qualified personnel for alterations and tailoring.
  • dots Latest methods for alteration and restoration.
  • dots Precise guidance on the customization service.
  • dots Guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Expert Alteration Service

Your Satisfaction, Our Responsibility

ByNext's apparel alteration service grants your clothes the revival they deserve, altering them to their former glory. Our team of skilled tailors ensures precise alterations tailored to your unique specifications. With ByNext Alteration Service, you can experience excellence and convenience all together.

  • dots We offer quick and convenient alteration services.
  • dots Accurate pricing structure.
  • dots We have a team of expert tailors to ensure top class service.
  • dots Our expert tailors fulfill all of your alteration needs.
  • dots We guarantee your satisfaction with our garment alterations.

Why choose the tailoring, alteration and restoration service by ByNext?

24/7 Assistance

While availing yourself of our tailoring, alteration and restoration services at ByNext, you not only receive premium service but also enjoy exceptional 24/7 customer support.

Bespoke Service

Our meticulous attention to detail and personalized approach redefines the standard, ensuring your garments receive the care and expertise they deserve.

Seamless Payment

With ByNext, you can enjoy the freedom to pay for precisely what you need when you need it. No contracts, just perfectly fitted and tailored clothes as per your preferences.

Timely Delivery

ByNext not only offers top-notch tailoring, alteration and restoration services near you but also ensures prompt and same-day delivery right at your doorstep.


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What is the difference between tailoring and alterations?

Well, the major difference between tailoring and alterations is that tailoring makes the outfit right from scratch, while garment alterations make some minor adjustments.

How much does an alteration cost?

The cost of alteration varies based on the type and complexity of the service, please get in touch with us for specific pricing details.

What types of clothing do you typically wear?

The most common types of clothing we alter are shirts, pants, coats, and dresses, as the fabric is durable enough to handle adjustments.

Do you offer alterations to bridal gowns and dresses?

Absolutely, we do provide bridal gowns and wedding dress adjustments. To ensure that you have an even better result, all you have to do is tell us the size of your clothing.

Do you do rush alterations?

Yes, we do offer emergency alteration services, but it is advised not to rush the alterations, as hasty decisions may lead to mistakes. Our job requires extra care, and we meticulously look into every detail to ensure there are no loose ends.

A perfect fit tailored just for you

Precision meets style for a perfect fit With ByNext's expert alteration and tailoring services.